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Diamond Tooling Blog

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Correct Diamond Tools

Grinding wheels and cups made of diamond are popular today because the material is quite tough. These are tools that the construction and home improvement sectors find useful in cutting hard stones, concrete, field stones, marble, granite, and others. The number of factors that require consideration when picking the most appropriate diamond tools make the selection exercise a tough one. Here are the most important ones.


First, determine the hardness of the material you intend to grind so that the diamond grinding wheels you pick can be of the opposite texture. For a soft concrete surface, you need a hard polishing wheel and a hard one is best worked on by a soft one. Trial and error is an exercise that you will have to partake in when selecting Stonekor Diamond Tooling, especially if it is your first time. Later on, you will have gathered enough knowledge to make an appropriate selection of grinding wheels.


Large diamond segments are perfect for pretty heavy work such as grinding concrete and stones. Smaller diamond segments are ideal for lighter tasks that include glues, paints, and surface and epoxy coatings. Note that diamond grinding wheels come in different specifications, making it essential to think about the task you have at hand when making a selection.


There are varying sizes and shapes of concrete polishing diamonds that you will come across during your selection. Some of the shapes include flat disks, cylinders, cups, and wheels. Ensure to consider the nature of your pending job so that you can get the shapes and sizes of cutting tools that will carry them out appropriately.


As much as you intend to spend minimal amounts on the exercise, going for the cheapest diamond cutting tools is inadvisable because the exercise will be a costly one in the long-run. Always go for a super premium disc because it will give you value for money. Experts suggest that there is always the right disc for every job; it's just a matter of taking some time to find it.


There are two phases involved in concrete grinding- coarse and fine grinding. You should pick the moist appropriate diamond cutting tools for each phase. For the first one, high diamond hardness and soft bond diamond is required. Diamond grit of 35 to 50 is also desirable here. Here, the diamond cup concentration required is low, so keep that in mind. Step two or concrete polishing requires hard bond diamonds since they offer the precision levels desired. Since they do not degenerate fast, softer diamonds are most preferable. The ideal diamond grit to use here is between 80 and 120. Besides, a greater concentration of diamonds in a disc is desirable in this instance. Visit this website at and know more about concrete grinder.